Straight from the Heart- Our CEO’s Story

Straight from the Heart- Our CEO’s Story

How much do you know—or think you know—about the ITTB CEO Nani Ramanujam? It’s time to play along (come on, you know you want to) … and feel free to guess the answers—nobody’s keeping score!

In which country did Nani grow up? India, the U.S., the U.K.

India, specifically Bangalore City. He grew up in a family of 9 which lived under one roof (and in one bedroom) in the heart of the city.

What was Nani’s first significant milestone? High school graduation, Marriage, University scholarship

Marriage at the age of 24 to his childhood sweetheart. It followed several years of family changes in which siblings got married, or left, or got married AND left. As the family was growing and changing, so, too, were Nani’s aspirations. Fortunately, his wife was always on board to push him to surpass what he thought he could do.

Which university did Nani graduate from? Bangalore University, India; Cambridge University, U.K.; Delaware University, U.S. Delaware.

Within a year of being married, Nani scored a full scholarship to Delaware University, and started his new life in America. Yet, for Nani, America wasn’t easy street—years rolled by as he scrounged to put dinner on the table for his wife and children. To make matters worse, no matter what the job or position, Nani felt that he wasn't doing what he was meant to, so he just floated, trying to figure out where life was taking him.

When did Nani finally find his professional calling? About 10 years ago, Exactly 15 years ago, Almost 20 years ago

Almost 20 years ago. Nani realized he wasn't meant to work his way up through the ranks of ‘some company’—he was meant to build his own. So, at the age of 38, Nani founded IT Trailblazers (ITTB). The company began as a staffing company with the solutions component a later addition. Although Nani worked day and night, ITTB didn’t make a penny for 8 long months.

Fortunately, Nani had the tools necessary to turn things around. His philosophies on work ethic, honesty, and friendship built the foundation for what is now an iconic organization.

Today, with over 500 employees and revenues over 100 million, ITTB is a premier IT agency for professional services, cloud services, and digital content services. We have offices globally, and service incredible clients like Pfizer, Capgemini, PSEG and Bank of America … and we do it with pride.