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IT Trailblazers is one of the fastest growing IT Solutions companies for information technology services in the world. This is a case study on the Big Pharma Sprinklr project.

About The Client

This client is a subsidiary multinational biopharmaceutical company located in the United Kingdom. They market their products using Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform for enterprises. Sprinklr provides social media marketing, advertising, content management, collaboration, and other forms of communication that connects the client to the masses. The main objective of this project was to create a series of training videos for marketing employees to engage in self-learning on the tool.

The Big Problem Was...
The Marketing Division was unable to use Sprinklr effectively, and here’s why:

  • New employees needed constant training on the tool. With an abundance of movement in and out of the Marketing group, this organization found that they were setting up training sessions nearly every week.
  • Existing employees do not understand how to properly utilize the tool. The tool is highly customized (and therefore, not as user friendly)- which resulted in many errors and complications.

The Marketing SMEs spent their time and energy focusing on educating and re-educating team members on the Sprinklr platform. Marketing Experts found themselves repeatedly answering the same questions and demo-ing the same information. Despite the SMEs efforts, the Marketing team was still unable to use Sprinklr effectively and needed a solution to solve the growing issue.

Overall, this made for an unhappy workforce.

So What Was Our Solution?

The Marketing Experts and our team of Learning Experts knew that an explanatory guide was required for the Marketing Team to develop a better understanding of this unique platform.

We catered to the client’s demands and requirements with a well-designed plan to develop a series of video trainings on the Sprinklr Platform. The 8 videos were divided to depict key processes of Sprinklr and organized so that employees can easily refer back and re-learn material. The videos spanned 5-10 minutes in length and followed a marketing employee moving through the various functions of Sprinklr.

We utilized Backward Design Methodology and focused on the final goal of the videos first- to educate all users of the Sprinklr platform on best practices and worry-free social media posts. Bearing this in mind, we ensured that the content would be engaging, informative, and relevant to the users. We incorporated a variety of learning techniques into the training videos, including application simulation, complex scenarios, avatars and animations.

How We Approached It

From an application simulation standpoint, we created a “safe environment” for employees to get a clear understanding of the Sprinklr platform. We simulated the tool within each video (depending on the topic), and showcased several examples of situation-based protocol. We incorporated complex scenarios to to allow the learner to engage in Scenario Based Learning, which surrounded the organization’s best practices. We also developed avatars in the form of a mentor/ expert to resonate better with users and get each message across effectively. We incorporated a variety of different animations to engage each learner at a visual level and assimilated this with On Screen Text and Audio inputs to provide a memorable and captivating learner experience.

During video development, we kept an open line of communication with the client and included checkpoints at every stage, along with weekly updates. We developed a Video Strategy Document and a Storyboard that was engaging and learner focused. Once approved, we developed Visual Storyboards and Prototypes of each video, which were designed to ensure that we met all brand regulations and guidelines. The completed Alpha Delivery of the final product, along with an added Voiceover Artist chosen by the client, was sent in the final stage, meeting the expected timeline.

The End Result

This organization’s employees now have the chance to engage in self-learning through the training video set provided. The videos incorporate real-life scenarios based on the application usage and common situations encountered to improve the capabilities for both existing and newly onboarded marketing employees. The SME team no longer struggled to reteach topics, and both time and resources are utilized more efficiently.

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