Digital Learning Solutions

ITT’s digital learning solutions

ITT provides Learning Management Solutions(LMS) targeted at an efficient skill set development and career enhancement. We offer e-learning courses, training videos, marketing videos, and more. This educational content has been effectively used by multiple industries to ensure the employee knowledge aligns with the business objectives.


E-Learning Content

ITT offers training courses that are created by domain experts and aimed at skill development. Over time, the courses have found use cases in a number of organizations. The courses enable enhanced learning, increased knowledge retention, productivity gains, as well as alignment with company goals. Up to date, IIT has developed 7000+ hours of e-learning content.


Marketing Videos

Marketing is a critical need for every business. ITT’s marketing video content is designed to succinctly deliver brand messages and drive customers to take action to achieve the best possible results. The objectives of these marketing videos are to increasing brand awareness, convert, and educate customers on products, features and benefits while holding the customer’s attention. ITT’s marketing videos have seen a staggering 95% customer retention rate after its implementation.

Training Videos

ITT has successfully developed 1900+ training videos to date. The training videos are used by companies to create a dynamic learning experience. ITT’s training video content helps in increasing engagement and interest in the material, reteach and refresh material, provide short snippets of information, and encourage visual learning.


Urgency and Importance of E-Learning Solutions (POV)

  • E-learning platforms are changing the Indian education landscape by addressing the demand-supply gap of both students as well as corporate employees by dispensing personalized learning outcomes.
  • Flexibility:- Individuals with full-time jobs or with children will find E-learning systems to be highly flexible. These systems provide users the freedom to pursue courses as per their convenience while not disturbing the routine lifestyle.
  • In comparison to traditional methods, e-Learning often provides additional qualitative advantages in the form of learning anytime anywhere, access to worldwide mentoring tools for optimal skill growth, and administration as well as control of the training calendar from various locations.
  • Increased adoption of e-Learning in corporate & academic set-ups, constructive government policies to encourage e-Learning in emerging markets, advances in technology in smart education & e-Learning, increase in the number of mobile learning applications, are some of the major factors that are expected to increase the e-Learning market size.
  • The global e-Learning market size was 171 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.85% from 2019 to 2025.