The need for enhanced Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an important part of any sort of data sharing process. With cyber-attacks on the rise, it's necessary for businesses to protect themselves with increased cybersecurity protocols. Changing times necessitate that cybersecurity becomes a topmost priority for businesses, since cyber-attacks can cause huge losses for businesses too.

ITT Digital for increased Security

ITT Digital provides the most advanced CMS protocols, secure and easy file-sharing processes and permissions at every step. Backend protocols are seamlessly integrated with the latest web protocols and an open-ended store with thousands of widgets and apps that are secure. The secure apps and the multiple-step integration of backend protocols help you to get the best out of your business. Moreover, ITT Digital practices top-notch internal compliance by periodically testing our internal resources to meet every strata of the connotations of security. Our Cybersecurity Compliance Program is on par with the best in the industry, and offers the same level of attention to our clients.


Streamlined Collaboration

With encrypted sharing of data across servers, and omnichannel and multichannel servers for exchanging data. The easy-to-use interface also helps in accessible sharing of data with your collaborators. Moreover, ITT Digital also provides end-to-end independent collaborative services for independent ventures.



ITT Digital has an active research department that allows them to reach to you with solutions before you encounter problems. With prediction algorithms that process changes in business structures to prevent failures, and a support system that’s always available for you 24/7.


An advanced CMS system to look out for all your content and save it from cyber-attacks. The front-end editing option gives you more space to play with, and the security protocols ensure that your third-party apps don’t encroach on your data. We delve deep into what type of security architecture will best suit your requirements, and implement our security protocols for high-end cybersecurity.


Seamless integration with Clean Coding

There are several protocols in common throughout the data science world, ITT Digital platforms allow you to seamlessly use these protocols and have access to the backend advancements you might want to make. Moreover, complex coding makes accessing websites more difficult and allows for backend attacks to develop. The global standards of code being held up promises that the backends, if they exist, can be identified easily and swiftly solved before any damage occurs.

Permissions and Secure Accessibility

What you see is what you get, ITT Digital ensures that all your permissions need to be in order before any changes are made to your data preventing outside data manipulations and increasing your safety. With state-of-the-art alt text and accessibility software available, every worker can share the business without any problems, and without leaving the business open to cyber attacks.


Industry Compliance

With HTML5 compliance and security certification, your data remains secure all the time. This further assists businesses in avoiding any data leaks and sharing of information between the employees and the higher-ups. This helps in increasing the confidence of the customers in terms of how secure their data and passwords are.

Need for more Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks have been increasing for all strata of businesses, making cybersecurity a priority for all companies. Virus attacks and data breaches are the most common versions of cyberattacks and both of these leave a business in a vulnerable position. In fact, over 76% of the businesses plan to increase their cybersecurity budgets in the near future however, experts estimate that this increase is also underplaying the risks given the massive employment gap that exists in the cybersecurity industry. Here are some outlooks that figure into cybersecurity.

  • There’s a massive skill-gap in the industry which makes finding a solution to your cybersecurity woes difficult. A company like ITT Digital is able to address the problems far more directly.
  • Attacks on data stored in clouds are increasing at an alarming rate. This opens businesses to a possible data breach, data manipulation, and even high losses.
  • Cybersecurity experts are rare and often quote high prices that can cause massive dents in any company’s budget.
  • Work from home is becoming a big trend worldwide. Having proper cybersecurity measures in place for your business for remote workers is an imperative task, and being prepared for it can avoid any new cyber threats from emerging.
  • Virus attacks on websites can lead to legal damage lawsuits worth billions of dollars.
  • Forbes insists on prioritizing IT and cybersecurity hires in the business year because of how key their involvement is to success.
  • Insider breaches are common, and permissions play a more important role than ever.
  • CyberSecurityVentures places the global cost of cybersecurity to 6 trillion USD by 2021.
  • Cyber attacks are the highest rising crimes in the United States currently
  • Governments like the EU have come up with collaborative efforts to enforce cybersecurity on the mass internet.


Why cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity protects your data from being breached and prevents hacking and viruses from taking a hold on your network. In the world of dynamic business practice, a few hours of a holdup at the website level can mean massive losses for the business.

What are the steps you take in case of a cyberattack?

As a cybersecurity service provider, ITT Digital is prepared for any and all scenarios. In case of a live cyberattack or data breach, we instantly implement the Data Loss Prevention technique, in which the cyberattack is instantly identified, and data leaks are stopped from happening. Moreover, our response team immediately switches on to the backup servers to avoid any loss of data, while our team works to identify the threat and lock them out.

How important is it?

With the rising trends of cyberattacks, cybersecurity is estimated to cost businesses more and more each year. With insider breaches being common, a third party auditing firm provides the best opportunity for businesses to safeguard their interests.

Why now?

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns now with cyberattacks on the rise and there is a lack of cybersecurity personnel all around the globe.

Why ITT Digital?

With cutting-edge technology, advanced protocols and experts always on call, ITT Digital algorithms are created to detect dangers before they arise, this creates a safe environment for you to do your collaborations and send your data in.