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Our favorite Blaze LMS features


Robust Reporting

  • You probably know about Big Data’s potential, including a wide variety of deep insights into the progress and future needs of your eLearners—provided you can understand what your data is telling you.
  • That’s why ITTB developed Blaze LMS. This eLearning platform has hundreds of different reporting capabilities and features—a virtually customizable, ‘fits your specific needs’, robust reporting system. You can set up weekly email reports to keep current on what your eLearners have been up to, where they are going, and what they require further down the line. This fingertip knowledge empowers you with the ability to see how your organization is growing and where there are still some training gaps. In the end, you are able to better educate your employees and increase overall productivity.


  • It’s a wonder anyone sits in a physical classroom anymore! Especially since we at ITTB have developed the Blaze LMS application that can be used on the go. Our app is completely device-responsive (works on desktops, laptops, iPads, cell phones,), so eLearning can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • ITTB’s Blaze LMS app gives your eLearners total study flexibility: train rides to work become more interesting, breaks in the coffee room become more productive, and waiting times in the dentist’s office become less stressful (ouch!). You get the picture—slotting in study time in a more organic way means your eLearners are able to optimize their time, resulting in increased productivity at the office AND in the eClassroom.

Manage Learn


  • There is nothing more frustrating than needing tech support and not getting it. So, we make it our business to be there when you need us, but that’s easy to say, right? Lots of companies promise 24/7 customer service but their fine print puts all sort of limits on that.
  • Here’s how ITTB keeps its 24/7 promise to you: First, each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager to whom you can reach out to at anytime—yes, weekends too. As a backup for those rare cases of the unforeseen, ITTB staffs a full Service Desk to handle any issues as they arise.