Offshore Outsourcing- Done Right

Offshore Outsourcing- Done Right

Offshore outsourcing has lots of clear benefits, but it’s got lots of pitfalls, too. Instead of a dream come true, overseas operations can become a nightmare. For example, offshore work cultures can be tedious—think: burn and churn—causing low productivity, a ‘don’t want to work there’ atmosphere, and high employee turnover. Despite the potential headaches and high failure rate, ITTB decided to give it a try.

ITTB now has a large offshore operation in India in the cities of Chennai and Bangalore and we mean large—the Bangalore office alone has over 200 day and night shift employees for both Staffing (recruiters and managers) and Solutions (developers and project managers).

Our brainstorm

We reasoned that we could minimize the negatives by viewing our offshore components as parallel work sites. For example, when ITTB U.S. has a day off, so does ITTB India. Also, just like at ITTB U.S., ITTB India enjoys movie nights, pajama days, dance parties, and several other facets of American culture that typically don’t exist in the Indian culture.

In addition, we work hard to create a feeling of unity and collaboration. A big part of this is our head of recruitment, Anand Narayan. Every few months, Anand flies to India to physically touch base and do what he loves doing—finding silly, innovative ways to get minds whirring and creative thoughts flowing.

The results

Our employees love working with us … and we’re not just saying that. We’re backing it up with an employee retention rate which is better than that of any other IT company's offshore presence. When we asked them why, our overseas staff said that the parties, games, and outings create a fun work environment; a good work-life balance; and a work culture of friendships and love (in non-creepy ways)—the compensation is fair and equitable, too. Overall, they said, they come to work smiling and with the motivation to work diligently because they feel completely connected and excited to be there. Evidently, we’ve become experts at managing offshore.