CMS Implementation & eCommerce

Making sure your systems work...and keep on working.

Devising a high-performing, feature-packed, and digitally-transformative web presence expertly tailored to your needs

No matter what role you play in the life sciences and healthcare industries, ITTB can enhance it. Using the reliable and well-regarded Drupal platform, ITTB creates and launches gamified, content-driven sites that speak your audience’s language.

Got compliance, R&D, scalability, and regulation challenges? Who doesn’t! We’ve done our homework and only produce solutions which meet the needs and standards of your brand today, as well as having the built-in flexibility to evolve in the future. Our Drupal-based models offer seamless, continuous delivery across all your platforms, including mobile, marketing apps, social media, and CRM, not to mention a more centralized, consolidated content management system.

What, no downtime? ITTB minimizes system downtime with a blend of proactive and reactive strategies to keep your digital tools up and running.

You can be assured that we know how to use the ‘big guns’ when needed.

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