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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Advisory

Cloud Advisory is an umbrella term for our bundle of services which will facilitate...

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation refers to the process of meshing a company’s IT infrastructure to its...

Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization reflects the understanding that over time, IT components...

Cloud Operational Efficiency

For most organizations, moving to the cloud will empower their mobile workforce,...

Cloud Advisory

Cloud Advisory is an umbrella term for our bundle of services which will facilitate a strategic and comprehension roadmap for your organization’s cloud computing strategy. This includes a cost-benefit analysis to ensure you meet key business goals.

  • Cloud Adopt: When a company moves their Internet presence to the cloud, it is called “adopting an overall cloud computing strategy” or Cloud Adopt for short.
  • Cloud Assess: The process of assessing the organization’s cloud readiness in the following three areas -- technology, people, and process.
  • Cloud Engage: This term refers to the actual migration of the enterprise’s IT systems to the cloud.

Key challenges in Cloud Advisory

  1. Correct assessment of which apps, processes, data files, etc. to migrate.
  2. Accurate choice of which cloud(s) to migrate to.
  3. Skillful implementation of best practices systems for IT management and governance.
  4. Strategic design of the most effective and least disruptive migration plan.

Value added by ITTB

ITTB ensures that your cloud computing platform(s) and vendor(s) are those which best serve your organization’s goals. Your cloud migration will be minimally invasive and maximally productive over the optimum timeframe. In addition, we set up state-of-the-art, digital privacy features to reduce data corruption and unauthorized access.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation refers to the process of meshing a company’s IT infrastructure to its business objectives for maximum alignment.

  • Cloud Provision: This term (a.k.a. lift and shift) refers to moving an application to the cloud ‘as is’. That is, ‘moving house’ without changing any of the contents.
  • Cloud Migration: The process of rewriting an application for the cloud to improve its overall functioning and to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities.
  • Cloud Automation: Also called ‘implementing DevOps’, this term describes an ongoing, collaborative, IT infrastructure cycle. The cycle’s main components are design, build, implementation, and revision.


Relevant certifications

ITTB is a principal, fully-certified AWS partner. In addition, we hold an Oracle Competency specialization and were one of the first AWS global partners to do so.

Relevant experience

For close to 20 years, ITTB has been guiding our premier clients in the implementation and management of their test/dev and production environments.We also assist with state-of-the-art solutions for backup and disaster recovery. In addition to our stellar reputation for best practices professionalism, we are one of the favored choices for Oracle Apps Migration and Hosting on AWS. Our success stories include an under-6-week development of a mobile app on the AWS cloud platform for a world-wide 3PL provider.

Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization reflects the understanding that over time, IT components (hardware, software, etc.) become outdated or obsolete. ITTB cloud services take this into consideration by providing cost-effective, dependable, high-performance, protected infrastructures which can readily scale to demand.


Put together programming code, system tools and libraries, runtime, and settings into a standalone package, and you get what is known as a software ‘container’. Containers function independently and are not fussy about their IT environment—they are compatible and maintainable no matter which machine they are on. Containers are lean and mean—they require far fewer infrastructure resources thereby reducing costs, and they keep things in order across multiple development-release cycles which helps to standardize your IT environment and reduce software conflicts. ITTB knows the ins and out of container usage for optimum benefit to your company’s IT solution.


The concept of Function as a Service or ‘FaaS’ has created architectures that run code without servers. You gain both computing power and the budget that you had previously allocated for server payments. Apps flow more quickly from design to migration, and development teams have more time to focus to improving user experiences. As AWS experts (Amazon Web Services serverless), ITTB positions your IT frameworks to get the most of of the cloud.


For companies with an established Internet presence, migrating to the cloud means your data and apps need to ‘move house’. One way to do this is with re-hosting: ‘lifting and shifting’ entire apps ‘as is’. Another method is re-architecting: making major revisions to apps in order to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities. A third scenario is the middle ground of re-platforming: doing some re-architecting while re-hosting.

The choice of how to move what is complex, which is why ITTB partners with you to arrive at the most organic and sustainable plan for your organization. While re-architecting enables an app to get the most out of the cloud, it is not always the correct decision. For example, apps that are approaching obsolescence should not be re-architectured. On the other hand, apps that are highly resource-intensive or are not performing well in their current IT environment are prime candidates for re-architecting. Long-term considerations are another significant factor. Some organizations looking to migrate to the cloud ASAP choose re-hosting as the quickest option. The deployment of re-architected, cloud-native apps takes more time, yet these apps tend to better support an organization’s future growth and evolution.

Cloud Operational Efficiency

Cloud Operational Efficiency

For most organizations, moving to the cloud will empower their mobile workforce, enhance their business performance, increase their service automation, and trim their costs. This is achieved through a reduction in the infrastructure budget, an increase in employee productivity, and a boost in ‘anytime, anywhere’ accessibility. Enterprises also see compelling improvements in customer satisfaction, system security, and IT infrastructure resiliency.

Cloud Monitoring

In order to have 24/7, 365 day, stable cloud services, you need to monitor your infrastructure all day every day. You will need to keep an eye on the whole of your IT infrastructure, including CPU and RAM utilization, as well as generate monitor logs and statistical reporting. ITTB will integrate a cloud monitoring package that addresses your company’s requirements and alerts you of important issues via email and SMS.

Proactive Maintenance

ITTB takes pride in our 24/7 maintenance and technical support of your operating systems and software: overseeing their health, speed, security, and keeping them up to date. This includes performance threshold monitoring, data backup logs, and month-end reports. Our work takes place off-site, so your systems continue to run smoothly without any digital downtime.

Server Administration and Management

ITTB guides and supports you in the overall supervision of your IT systems. We organize automatic, actionable steps to meet your reporting and compliance requirements. We help you monitor, review, and adjust your IT resource provisioning. We use complex metrics to balance, plan, and assess specific workload balancing and general cloud performance.

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