Content creation

Digital content creation is of the utmost importance for the healthcare and life sciences. For example, scientists are viewing and reviewing content which relates to their spheres of study. The life science community sees science-oriented, social media platforms as ways to connect and support research. Healthcare practitioners and patients are searching for information about products and services.Patients are also looking for content related to personal health situations and those in their families.

As a result, digital content creation for the healthcare and life sciences industries is a strategic key to getting multifold, tangible results. It has been shown that animated content drives those results for optimum ROI. Professional, animated content is data accurate, visually polished, and can be matched to any budget. In addition, videos and other gamified content tend to receive more hits and go more viral, communicating your messages to a larger number of people with greater effectiveness.

Digital Content Creation


Brand Enablement—Encouraging people to know and buy what you offer

It is no secret that the competition, which was always fierce, has gotten even more so. A considerable component is the rise of ‘patient power’: the reality that patients are more proactive in their healthcare decisions. Animated content keeps your brand in everyone’s awareness and increases sales by:

  • Educating patients and healthcare professionals about your new and existing drugs and services.
  • Respecting their cost-consciousness with price comparisons.
  • Creating a positive, comforting, ‘we can relate’ relationship with your audience via catchy videos about your key staff members.
  • Keeping your brand in the spotlight with coverage of significant happenings.
  • Increasing attendance at events via wider exposure to potential attendees.
  • Improving your SEO to get noticed by a larger audience.

Clinical Trials content—Recruiting participants and keeping them there

Despite the trend to move from traditional RCTs to a more pragmatic approach, it is generally agreed that clinical trials are a cornerstone of correct and ethical scientific R&D. A large part of the success of clinical trials depends on the necessary number of participants joining...and staying the course. Video content supports this goal by:

  • Motivating potential participants through fun, interesting, educational animations.
  • Giving patients the security of knowing in advance the procedures they will face and answering their FAQs.
  • Strengthening participants’ continued interest and boosting their morale.
  • Empowering participants with facts about their recovery.
  • Providing participants with a support network via outreach videos.

Internal Content Development—Strengthening your workforce

The facts show that investing in your employees pays off in increased worker satisfaction, morale, and retention. Also, happier, more informed employees tend to do better work and generate more sales, leading to the overall financial gain of your organization. Videos support this goal by:

  • Educating new hires in a memory-retentive way.
  • Improving organizational safety with animations that make clear, memorable points.
  • Keeping your workers up-to-date with easy-to-watch info about new services and products.
  • Answering important employee FAQs visually for better comprehension.
  • Using a light touch to increase compliance through better understanding of organizational culture.