Content creation

Overview: Digital content creation is a strategic key to remaining relevant and getting multifold, tangible results. Here are some statistics that might surprise you:

Videos boost sales and increase conversations.
  • 92% of B2B Customers watch videos.
  • 48% of Consumers trust online videos.
  • Video marketing leads to 35% more customer purchases.
  • Google loves videos.
eLearning courses make learning fun again.
  • When using gamification and scenario based learning, eLearning makes learners want to learn more.
  • Byte sized learning provides the mechanism for rapid and efficient eLearning. Videos & eLearning show great ROI.
  • 76% of business say they can clearly see the benefits of utilizing videos for information dissemination.
  • eLearning courses can save over 80% of the costs you bare on classroom training.

Animated, creative content drives those results for optimum ROI. In addition, videos and other gamified content tend to receive more hits and go more viral, communicating your messages to a larger number of people with greater effectiveness.

Our wide array of digital content solutions encompasses video creation, eLearning creation, and web development services. To learn more about web development, click here. To learn more about our phenomenal services in digital asset creation, keep scrolling!

Digital Content Creation


Engaging Videos for Brand Enablement, External Education, and Internal Information Dissemination

Brand Enablement: It’s no secret that the competition, which was always fierce, has gotten even more so. Now more than ever, it’s important to stand out from your competition with animated content that makes marketing more effective, sales teams smarter and customer experiences more personal. We can help keep your brand relevant by:

  • Encouraging people to know and buy what you offer by informing customers about your new and existing products and services.
  • Introducing staff members to develop personalization and relatability.
  • Keeping your brand in the spotlight with coverage of significant happenings and increasing attendance at events.
  • Improving your SEO to be noticed by a larger audience.

External Education: Videos can create an exciting world of education for your clients and vendors. Here are the benefits of video creation for education purposes:

  • Educating clients through tutorials on using a variety of products and services to optimize their success.
  • Providing detailed product descriptions for complex items to empower customers and potential customers to make better buying decisions.
  • Creating videos from Frequently Asked Questions to assist customers with the use of visual aids.

Internal Information Dissemination: The facts show that investing in your employees pays off in increased worker satisfaction, morale, and retention. Also, happier, more informed employees tend to do better work and generate more sales, leading to overall financial gain of your organization. Videos support this goal by:

  • Educating new hires in a memory-retentive way.
  • Improving organizational safety and compliance with animations that make clear, memorable points.
  • Keeping your workers up-to-date with easy-to-watch information about new services and products.

ELearning Development- creating effective, memorable training programs that make an impact.

Studies (including the recent report from Towards Maturity) show clearly that there is a gap between corporate learning and what learners actually want. When they have a choice, learners consistently are looking for relevant, personalized, mobile-compatible, self-paced learning content. What we are seeing, however, is that companies still emphasize long courses and face-to-face interactions.

From analysis to custom content development and post evaluations, our job is to ensure that our eLearning and training methodology makes a positive impact on your organization while still being learner focused. Here are some ways that our eLearning capability can benefit you:

  • Creating unique onboarding portals with built-in eLearning courses and programs.
  • Converting legacy courses to HTML5 to ensure compatibility with mobile devices and improve the learning experience.
  • Localizing and personalizing the learning experience at every level.
  • Providing “sticky” learning designed with the learner in mind.
  • Developing interesting application simulations that are informative, challenging, and fun at the same time.
  • Intrinsically motivating learners through the use of gamification, personalized learning experiences, microlearning, social learning, and creative scenarios.

Digital Content Developed Specifically for the Life Sciences Industry.

Multiple aspects of a Life Sciences organization requires digitized content to send powerful messages. For example, scientists are viewing and reviewing content that relates to their spheres of study. The life science community sees digital assets as ways to connect and support research. Healthcare practitioners and patients are searching for information about products and services. Patients are also looking for content related to personal health situations and those in their families.

Professional, animated content is data accurate, visually polished, and can be matched to any budget. In addition, videos and other gamified content tend to receive more hits and go more viral, communicating your messages to a larger number of people with greater effectiveness. Here are a few ways that digital content can help your organization thrive:

  • Educating patients and healthcare professionals about your new and existing drugs and services.
  • Motivating potential participants through fun, interesting, educational animations.
  • Giving patients the security of knowing in advance the procedures they will face and answering their FAQs.
  • Providing participants with a support network via outreach videos.
  • Keeping your brand in the spotlight with coverage of significant happenings.