Delphix LabAlchemy Case Study

Delphix LabAlchemy Case Study

The Delphix LabAlchemy system creates fully isolated, virtual private cloud, student classrooms completely within Amazon Web Services. A LabAlchemy classroom can have as many as 20 student environments supported by any number of servers. Delphix Data Virtualization Solutions suit a variety of industries including Heathcare, Financial Services, Government Operations, High Technology, Insurance, and Retail.

The brief: There were several drawbacks to the existing application. The LabAlchemy platform was not scalable. Also, the monolithic nature made it difficult to achieve operational agility in the repeated deployment.

In addition, our client required new capabilities. Delphix wanted to offer their LabAlchemy applications to partners without releasing the program code and while continuing to protect their Intellectual Property (IP). Delphix further required the application to comply with a standard protocol, such as a REST-ful API, so it would be compatible with other services and applications

The solution: The ITTB team’s unique solution rests on micro services architecture incorporating a Serverless Framework (zero server infrastructure). This allows independent scaling, lets Delphix protect their IP no matter how many partners are onboard, and enables partners to flexibly manage their customized LabAlchemy and extend it to their customers. Overall, the app offers individual services with no inter-dependency with the rest of the application.

The serverless aspect leverages efficiency with services delivered ‘just in time’ as needed. The result is a tenfold decrease in operating costs. In addition, the new solution means Delphix LabAlchemy can be innovated and enhanced (including release of new features) at a 20X faster pace.